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Manon Richard

Manon Richard is Quebec born and a world citizen. Her Power Totem Animal is the Fox and her relationship with it helps her in her understanding and practice of its ways and wisdom. The Fox  has various abilities:

Some of her other Animal Totems, who came to help her through Gatherings, are the Leopard, the Owl, the Polar Bear, the Otter and the Robin.

Manon has former training as a graphic designer and she is the founder of a multimedia company called Blak Kat. She has practiced Vipassana (Buddhist meditation), for many years. Now she is pursuing her true passion: canine psychology and the rehabilitation of dogs with behavioral problems and founded Maestro Canine Psychology. Since moving to the country, Manon has also opened, MiniMeute, a daycare and vacation camp for small dogs. This work is very complimentary to Shamanism and she considers herself lucky, through her work with animals, to be able to practice emotional balance and calm, assertive energy on a daily basis. Since childhood, her deep connection and relationship with nature and all its creatures has influenced her life and now resonates profoundly in her Shamanic work. Manon is a loving and empathic person and, during Ceremonies, information that needs to be transmitted to her clients comes to her in the form of emotions, messages or images.

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