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Philippe Côté

Philippe Côté was born in Quebec and has Mi’Kmaq ancestry through his mother. His first Power Totem Animal is the Grizzly Bear with which he joined in 2008 and his relationship with it helps him in his understanding and  practice of its ways and wisdom. The Grizzly’s abilities are:

Some of his other Animal Totems, who came to him through Gathering Ceremonies, include the Wolf, the Mother Gorilla, the Cobra, the Owl and a mythical animal with the body of a seahorse and the head of a stallion.

Before studying to become a Shaman, Phil had twenty-five years of experience as an electronics technician, specialized in the design, conception and installation of audiovisual equipment for cinemas and recording studios. This has given him a solid scientific background from which to understand and interpret Shamanism. He is also a great lover of nature and a sculptor. His artwork can be seen in the Artwork section of this site. Phil has the ability to perceive Shamanism from a « quantum physics » point of view and during Ceremonies information that needs to be transmitted to his clients comes to him in a clear and almost mathematical manner.

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