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Description of Ceremonies

Stonework and Chakra cleansing/rebalancing

Emotional or physical afflictions are merely symptoms of imprints in the body's luminous energy field which disappear once a person's energy centers (or chakras or medecine wheels) have been cleared and rebalanced so that energy can flow freely through them. The Shaman's Sacred Stones have the power to absorb toxic or heavy energy from our chakras when they have become clogged and to return it to Mother Earth to be purified and transformed. A clogged chakra can be compared to a dam in a river which prevents the free flow of the water or, in this case, the flow of energy. This Ceremony is meant to unblock the affected chakra(s) and clear out the impurities that cause the malfunction. This process helps the client to come to terms with and heal the physical or emotional repercussion of the initial imbalance.

This Ceremony can be performed by itself but it can also be incorporated in all other Ceremonies. This is because it is an essential part of the healing which needs to take place at the energetic level since this is where all issues begin.

Formlessness to Form Journey

This Ceremony is used as a tool for the Shaman to bring forth information hidden away by the client's Acquired Mind (or defense mechanisms) to find an issue's emotional component. It is recommended when the client has a symptom (ex.: a disease, insomnia, obsessiveness, compulsiveness, etc) but cannot determine what emotion is hidden behind it and thus cannot release it and be free from it. The Shaman will guide the client on a journey into their Self to discover not only the underlying emotion behind the symptoms but also the original event that may have led to this specific repressed emotion. Once the core of the issue has been discovered, it becomes easy to clear its symptoms by eliminating the root. This specific Ceremony can bring clients to re-live long lost emotions they mistakenly thought they had come to terms with so a true healing process can take place.

Inner Body Journey

Similar to the Formlessness to Form Journey, this Ceremony takes you inside your body. Guided by the Shaman, you may be surprised by what you might find inside of yourself. This journey enables the client to go back to the root of the issue being treated and to remove, once and for all, the symptoms and undesired behaviour patters associated with the original emotional and energetic blockage.

Entity Extraction & Illumination

There are three types of entities : 1- Unconscious Entities which our subconscious and Acquired Mind create as defense mechanisms to help us deal with painful situations (i.e.: to replace a lost love, or family member). When extracted, they go back to Mother Earth in the form of heavy energy being released, then transformed. 2- Intrusive Entities which locate themselves at the base of the spine. 3- Lower World Entities, located in one of our personal Medecine Wheels, their place of power in the Lower World. Those Entities are discovered during a Gathering Ceremony (also called Soul Retieval in some traditions). All Entities are parasitic and unhealthy to their host, as they go against the Law of Nature. They have not yet crossed over and have attached themselves to us. They look for and need the energy they have lost when they left their own physical body. It is the only way for them to stay in what the Algonquin people call the Middle World (our physical world). Lodged in the spine, they influence their host's behavior and thought patterns. They can be extracted, released, purified, healed and sent to the Upper World to be at peace.

In the case of those specific entities, the Ceremony accomplishes a noble double service. It not only frees the client of the influence of this parasidic life force, but it heals the Entity as well. The entity is guided into a sacred Shamanic stone and set aside while the client then receives a cleansing Ceremony to heal the issue and affinity they had with the entity. This is called Illumination and it insures that the client will never attract an other entity of this type again. The client is encouraged to honor the teachings of this entity and honor its life as it is entrusted to the Ancestors to be brought to the Upper World.

*** As best practice, Shamans will always test a client for entities before performing any other Ceremony since the entity may diminish the effectiveness of other treatments until it is extracted. If the client has an entity, it will therefore need to be extracted during the first session before any other healing work can be done.

***Entity extractions are very beneficial for people such as massage therapists, osteopaths, hair dressers, psychologists, doctors, Reiki masters, or anyone working in close proximity with clients because, without proprer protection, entities can easily jump from one host to another.

Crystallized Energy Extractions

Sometimes, when energy blockages have been trapped inside someone for a very long time, they can actually become crystallized into semi-solid energy "chunks". Very much like an accumulation of debris which might block the flow of water. The purpose of this Ceremony is to locate, break down and then extract these accumulated masses of crystallized energy so the healthy flow of energy can be re-established within and around the body.

Cedar, Tobacco and Sucking Extractions

These are three different ways of extracting impurities in the luminous energy field which have repercussions in people as either deep negative emotions, physical illness or both. Cedar and sucking extractions are very powerful and may be used on people with very old, deep-rooted issues. Tobacco extractions are gentler and may be used on young children or on people who desire a less intense yet still effective healing Ceremony.

Soul Gathering Journey

Each person has what are called "Original Wounds". Traumas coming either from their current life or previous ones, that has led them to send a divine part of their soul away to the Lower World to protect it. During this Ceremony, the Shaman guides the client to the Under World where, under the protection of the Shaman and the Gatekeeper, they will go to:

  • discover and heal the original wound
  • erase a wounded, negative agreement the person made with themselves in reaction to this wound
  • create a new, positive, life-affirming agreement to replace the old wounded one
  • reclaim the divine part of their soul that had been hidden away
  • discover and reconnect with the Power Animal Totem related to this wound and ask for its guidance to heal it
  • reconnect with and reclaim the power of their own healing energy
  • integrate a healed outcome for their issue

This is a very powerful Ceremony that brings people to deep, life-changing discoveries. It is said that the benefits of just a few sessions may surpass those of many years of psychotherapy.

Power Totem Animal Retrieval

This Ceremony takes you down into the Lower World. Guided by the Shaman, you will be taken to meet and connect with your Spiritual Power Animal Totem, the one you have been feeling in times of need, listening to when you needed guidance, the one that has always been there for you and the one who will always be there for you. He is one of your important Guides in this world and his wisdom can help you in all aspects of your life.

Power Retrieval Journey

Similar to the Soul Gathering Journey, this Ceremony lets you recall all the personal power you have lost over many lifetimes. It recharges all levels of your being and greatly enhances your personal healing power.

Physical Healing Ceremony

During this Ceremony, the Shaman uses all his knowledge to heal your energetic body by using different techniques according to your specific needs. He will journey on your behalf into your secret garden, will meet your personal Guardian who will allow him, if you are ready for this Ceremony, to operate deep and lasting changes by working directly on your energetic body.

Interdimensional Journey

The purpose of this Ceremony is to meet with Healed Aspects of one's Self which exist and evolve in parallel dimensions. Going to meet our Healed Aspects for various issues, asking them for guidance and merging with them on an energetic and spiritual level is a profoundly healing experience.

Removal of Bindings

Bindings are the energetic remnants left in our bodies as a result of the sorcery that was done to us intentionally or unintentionally by others. Similar to litteral, physical bindings or shackles, these energetic remnants block the flow of energy and prevent healing. Sorcery is, in short, any abuse of power and negativity against others or even against ourselves.

This Ceremony can be performed by itself but it can also be incorporated in all other Ceremonies. This is because it is an essential part of the healing which needs to take place at the energetic level since this is where all issues begin.

Healing the Inner Sorcerer Journey

This journey is meant to heal all the abuse and negativity we have directed towards ourselves throughout our lives. It will also clear the accumulation of self-imposed negative and toxic energies inside ourselves.

Dark Forest Journey

The purpose of this Ceremony is to put an end to and undo conscious or unconscious, professional or amateur sorcery that is being or has been directed towards someone.

Craddle of Life Ceremony

This Ceremony brings deep healing on many levels. It is excellent for strong resistance to healing, energetic stagnation, clearing of energetic blockages and chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. It centers around the healing of the womb, which is the craddle of life and our energetic center. Sage, cedar, tobacco and stones are used in this purification Ceremony.

Egg Extractions

In this Ceremony, an egg is used to draw toxins and heavy energies left by sorcery in the body.

Palo Santo Extractions

Similar to the Egg Extraction Ceremony in the sense that it is destined to clear traces left in the body by sorcery, this ceremony removes energetic scar tissue from the body and may be combined with other ceremonies or with smudging.

Cleansing of Spaces

This Ceremony is used to clear any space of heavy or parasitic energies (ex: poltergeists, etc.). The Shaman opens Sacred Space in the space the client wishes to get cleansed and performs a purification Ceremony to release the energetic entities out of the space and into the Upper World. Other services, such as cleansing of mirrors or various objects, as well as getting rid of dark blades or death blades for clients are also available.

Seven Bands of Protection

These bands are Medecine Wheels of Protection which can be given to clients as a powerful and effective physical and energetic protection.

Death of the False Self Ceremony

This Ceremony, unique in the world, is used by the Shaman to separate a client's False Self from his or her Authentic Self. The energetic cords binding the two together are severed and the False Self is sent through the Upper World to be healed and purified. The Authentic Self is then energetically rebalanced and its affinities for the False Self are healed.

Meeting your Spirit Guide and Meeting your Ancestor Journeys

In these two separate Ceremonies,you will journey with the Shaman to the Upper World to meet and connect with your Spirit Guide or one of your Ancestors and to receive the messages and teachings they have for you.

Journey to Heal the Story that lives inside of us

In this Ceremony, you will journey to the Upper World to meet and connect with your Spirit Guide and with your Authentic Self. You will then be given the opportunity to Heal the oldest story that has been living inside of you (fears, wounds, etc.) and to release it along with any affinities you may have for it. This is a very intense and a profoundly healing Ceremony and is recommended only after having experienced a sufficient number of Shamanic Ceremonies in preparation for this Journey.

Other Ceremonies (please contact us for more information)

Some of the other Ceremonies we offer include: Pre-Death Rites, Death Rites, Surrogate Death Rites, Chakra and Aura repair, Butterfly Sequences (incorporated in other Ceremonies or alone) and the Shaman's Sacred Plant Energy Medecine.

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