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Testimonials and References

Francine Michaud 55 years old

Over the phone, I did an inner-body journey, I enjoyed it very much. The journey permitted me to discover and heal a blockage I had since age 25. It help me have a better self estime.
I am happy to have participated to this session, I hope I have a chance to work with Phil, he is a good and generous man!
Thank you Phil for what you have brought me.

Anna Panunto 40 years old

So far, I have received 3  successful shamanic healing sessions. I entered the experience with an open mind and heart, and it has been a phenomenal experience for me! The amazing thing with shamanic healing is that it is continuous, one feels the effects days and even weeks after …  and the transformation  that takes place is permanent. I am re-discovering and healing myself  at the same time --- believe it or not, so are my loved ones! Energy is contagious!

Suzanne Theriault 63 years old

When I lost my sister, who was my best friend, I was devastated. I could not think of my sister without crying a lot, it was putting me upside down each time. Shaman Quebecois did a Chakra cleasing and rebalancing at a distance (inter-connectedly), and we talk about the results for 15 min over the phone, I feel completely free from the sadness. Now, when I think about my sister, I remember the good times we had together, and I don’t cry anymore. Thank you.

Laura 51 years old

It was a pleasure and an honour to be able to work with you Phil. Please feel free to use my words on your beautiful website.
Thank you for doing this work around me.
You have found some major stuff here that had been buried very deep and safely tucked away. Thank you, Thank you for helping me with this.
I am overwhelmed by what you have uncovered and will need a few days to digest this, every bit of the work you have done connects with each other.
These ages 20-29-49-39-50 they all connect with each other. Thank you for choosing to honor your path. One I can see you are meant to be on.


Marilyn Carter 55 years old

Thank you so much for doing this ceremony. I am truly grateful. I look forward to seeing you soon. I hope you are both well. Cheers and hugs

M. 57 years old

You hit it right on for age 25. My heart was broken and locked. You hit it right on for age 42, (too personal to say). I have done a lot of work on myself prior to working with you so it is a wonder that you have picked these ages, since they are major issues and I had not addressed them until the session with you. From my heart to yours, I say thank you.

Cathy Fontaine 24 years old

During my session, I felt better right from the start. I discovered aspects of myself and of my past which I could not have found alone. I was liberated from the traumas which had blocked my chakras and since that moment I am doing much better than before. Also, I had an entity in me and when it left my body I did not feel the difference right away. However, after a few days I started feeling lighter and my mood improved. To me this experience was one of the most beautiful and profound ones in my life and I came out of it stronger than ever. Many thanks for allowing me to live this and for having helped me to heal many wounds in just one session. I would love to come back soon for another session and I also know people who want to meet you.

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