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Phil walks the path of sculpture. He works with wood, metal, crystals and many other natural materials. He creates, among other things, Shamanic walking sticks. So far he has created five Shamanic sculptures. Four walking sticks, each with their own theme and story as well as another piece.

All the flat round stones used for the eyes come from “La Baie des Chaleurs” in New-Brunswick. They have, over time, become rounded and polished by the elements but he will sometimes give them some extra polishing.

The wood he uses comes from branches that were dried for two years after their trees fell, blown down by strong winds in 2003. It was in Riviere Rouge, Quebec.

One coat of Abrasin oil is put on the sculptures to protect them without loosing the wood’s original look and feel.

Different types of colored leather are used for the grip, wrapped in a spiral to create a ‘vortex’ in between Mother Earth and Father Sky. All materials come from nature: wooden beads, bones, animal claws and teeth, feathers, amber and various metals. Epoxy, which is made from conifer resin, is used to glue on he crystals and stones.. The only non-natural part in epoxy is hardener, witch is used for curing the resin faster.


Deer, Image 1 Deer, Image 2 Deer, Image 3 Deer, Image 4

Phil: “For my first walking stick, I had no clear intention of sculpting a Deer. However, I couldn’t miss the two bumps in the branch and was drawn to work around them. These bumps looked a lot like the elbow of a Deer/Caribou like creature. I didn’t have a choice anymore since I felt it was imposing itself to me.”

The fire opal is the only crystal on this staff. The antlers are sculpted from deer antlers.

Deer's Wisdom includes:

Phil began this sculpture in 2005 and completed it in 2006.
Price: $ 3 750 – 5’3” tall with a 6 inch leather grip


Owl, image 1 Owl, image 2 Owl, image 3 Owl, image 4 Owl, image 5 Owl, image 6 Owl, image 7 Owl, image 8

This was the second one to be born. As everyone knows, the Owl is a night creature. Night and Day are the theme of this walking stick. The universal oscillations are represented and substantial effort was put into sculpting a sine wave. Frequency and amplitude of a true sine wave have been respected as it envelops the three claws connecting this owl to Mother Earth. The sine wave points up the body of the Shaman and through the three owl heads, connecting to Father Sky. The three heads of the owl represent its connection to the past, the present and the future joining together in a circle (or Medecine Wheel). The colors of the owl’s eyes are made of crushed green glass, ruby and fire opal. The two moons represents a single proton with its electron circling around it. The inner moon is a Pyrite, a protective crystal which absorbs negative energy and grounds it. On the Shaman’s fifth chakra is the crystal which unites all the staffs into one: a fire opal.

According to our Algonquin Shamanic tradition, the Great Owl is the spirit keeper of the North.
He is the one who has seen beyond death and what lies beyond. The one who sees what others choose not to see, the one who goes where others fear to go, The one who teaches us to look deep inside of ourselves and see the parts of ourselves we choose not to see, to know it is all about us, and to heal it all. The one who helps us heal the false self and become.

Owl's Wisdom includes:

Started in 2006, finished 2007
Price: $ 4 000

Fire Horse

Firehorse, image 1 Firehorse, image 2 Firehorse, image 3 Firehorse, image 4 Firehorse, image 5 Firehorse, image 6 Firehorse, image 7 Firehorse, image 8

This staff was made for a very good friend of Phil’s and is the third one of the series. His friend’s family name, “Blainey”, is of Irish origin. To be able to ‘fit’ the family crest in the sculpture, it was necessary to deconstruct it and rearrange it in a tri-dimentional way. Fire and the Lower World are the themes of this staff. The first hoof is firmly in contact with Mother Earth. Slightly above, still at the root (of his family), we can see his reconstructed family crest.

In the middle, what could be perceived as the Lower World is a gateway for the Shaman, is symbolized by a red Jasper sphere, surrounded by flames. The second hoof is part of the dream and imagination world we can see some parts of the original outside of the branch. An inner search for balance expressed through a Yin Yang symbol (two ONYX, one white, one black. The Sun as a burning Fire in the sky. At the bottom of the 4 coloured leather lace grip, there is a double bead/mane, and at the top, a double set of bead/leather/feathers.

The owner of this staff is an aquarious, and this is represented by the two front legs and hoofs up in the air. Both feminine and masculine flames wrap the Shaman and Animal Totem Spirit who share the same multi-dimentional body. The flames in the mane reach up into Father Sky. And in the position of the throat chakra is, once again, the fire opal.

Most mythical horses represent duality. Calmness and relaxation but also aggressive masculine sexual power. So the horse often appears as a paradox; male and female, warrior and peace maker, fire and water, death and birth. It is also associated with men and harsh labour. We find this duality in the history of the mythical horse in central Asia, Europe, in Africa, Tahiti, etc,…where the horse is originally associated with "the Chtonien world of darkness which came out from the bowels of the earth and the abyss of the sea. Bringer of life or death, he is the link between destructive fire and triumph, and between the nourishing and asphyxiating properties of water." (excerpt from the Dictionary of Symbols)

But the horse can stop being Chtonien (linked to the earth), and can become Ouranien (linked to the sky). Usuallly a white, celestial messenger of saints, of heroes and of spiritual conquerors, he then represents controlled instinct, mastered and surpassed.

The themes of force, power and fire go as far as the flames of the Underworld or, in Christian mythology, “Hell”. Fire Horses were often perceived to be guides for the dead in many asian cultures and in Mycenian Greece they would sacrifice horses so they could carry the bravest souls to the kingdom of the dead.

Horse/Pony/Mustang's Wisdom includes:


Dragon, image 1 Dragon, image 2 Dragon, image 3 Dragon, image 4 Dragon, image 5 Dragon, image 6 Dragon, image 7 Dragon, image 8

The Dragon is a mythical creature which is said to live in two dimensions at the same time. He is as skilful on land as in the air, feeding from both the energy of the Earth and of the Heavens. When you look straight into its amber eyes, the Dragon seems to be looking back at you from somewhere and ‘some when’ else. He is the guardian of the sword and you will need its permission to use it. The Dragon will only authorise someone to use it to keep the balance of Natural Law in place.

Nine spinal fins, arranged in a spiral, symbolize the nine Chakras, like the DNA strand. Two colored leather lace grips, again with the spiral/DNA shape, the energy of Mother Earth and of Father Sky wound into the staff.

In the middle, we can see a double egg, witch represents the beginning and the end of the universe wrapped into a single moment.  

Crystals and other materials used

Started and finished in 2007. It is 66 inches high and has a 10 inch high leather grip starting 40 inches from the ground.
Price: $ 4 000

Dragon's Wisdom includes:


Duck, image 1 Duck, image 2 Duck, image 3 Duck, image 4 Duck, image 5 Duck, image 6 Duck, image 7 Duck, image 8

A special order was at the origin of  this fifth sculpture. The original drawing was inspired from Haida Native culture. On the surface exposed to Father Sky, we see other animal spirits riding on to the Shaman/Duck. Look for the Moose, the Owl, the two tropical fish facing one another and sharing the same tail. On the Mother Earth side, an alligator or amphibious creature is also on for the ride. It’s only after the sculpture was almost finished that Phil picked up on those hidden animals. On the Mother Earth side, we see the Woman Shaman spreading her Healing Hands, the Great Fire carried by water along the legs of the duck and falling upon all life below.

Goose's Wisdom includes:

Duck's Wisdom includes:

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