Overview - What is Shamanism ?

Who is our teacher and what is Algonquin Shamanism ?

The Prophecy

Who is our teacher and what is Algonquin Shamanism ?

Pete Bernard is an Algonquin Indian from the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation in Golden Lake, Ontario. He has been a student and practitioner of Algonquin (Tent Shaker) and Inka Shamanism since childhood. Pete has traveled extensively studying and practicing healing. He has received the "Karpays" - the rites of passage and initiation into the Shaman's Way and the Mystery Teachings - and is a Full Mesa Carrier for the Inka Tradition.

By offering methods from the North, South, East, and West, every part of the Medicine Wheel, Pete has a solid foundation from which to help bring about a person's personal healing.

Through the " 8th Fire School of Algonquin Shamanism ", which he founded, Pete is our teacher and mentor. He was himself tutored, from a very young age, by 6 teachers among which was his grandfather, Matt Bernard. Pete's Great Grandfather and Grandfather were Master Canoe Builders, and much of the philosophy of Manido Chiman, or "Spirit of the Canoe" is reflected in his Algonquin Tradition of Healing. It is through Pete's guidance that we have the privilege and honor to have received Great Fire Healing Energy and Sacred Rites. We have been accepted into his lineage and have his and his Ancestors', as well as our own Ancestors' and Elders', authorization to perform traditional Shamanic work.

All Ceremonies are performed in Sacred Space, dedicated to the Great Creator (Kiji-Manido) for protection and guidance. Spirit guides from the four cardinal directions of the Medecine Wheel as well as from the Earth, the Sky and the Center of all Creation are invited into the Sacred Space in the form of:

Bear: Spirit Keeper of the South . whose wisdom helps us perceive the physical body and teaches us to bring forward that which is inside of us, to have no past and to heal the stories which live inside of us.

Wolf: Spirit Keeper of the West . whose wisdom helps us perceive our deepest emotions and teaches us to feel emotions but not to be governed by them. Authenticity and understanding are also part of Wolf's Medecine.

Owl: Spirit Keeper of the North . whose wisdom teaches us to look deep inside of ourselves to go where others fear to go, to see what others choose not to see and to bring it forth to understand it is all about us and to heal it all.

Beaver: Spirit Keeper of the East . whose wisdom helps us master our relationship with our environment and teaches us to engage in the solution set that will lead to healing and renewal. It teaches us to understand how circumstances accomodate us at all times.

Mother Earth (embodied by theTurtle): who has always given us unconditionally and who can help us understand our responsibily towards all life and teach us humility, respect and the interconnectedness of all things. Reminding us of who we are and giving us the opportunity to heal the Mother as she has always healed us.

Father Sky (embodied by the Eagle), the Star Nations and all the Elders who have come before us: teach us to remember, as we promised we would, who we are as the Children of Fire and to help others. those who will hear, feel and walk the path and remember that they have the power to heal themselves.

Mother Butterfly (Mamidosewin): whose wisdom helps us to see and know ourselves in all things and in all our relations and to act accordingly. It teaches us to choose our healed realities at will since we are in all things and all things are in us.

In Pete Bernard's family, Shamanism was passed on mostly by women and reserved to Algonquin people. This was, originally, necessary to keep this sacred knowledge alive and to guard it against the destruction of traditional native culture brought on by the white man.

A few years ago, "The 8th Fire School of Algonquin Shamanism" was created to fulfill a promise that was made by Pete Bernard to his Elders over 25 years ago: to bring the sacred teachings of the Algonquins, Bear Clan, of the family name that is currently known as the Bernard's to all the people of the world. This to ensure that the teachings will not be lost and that the New People will have a way of learning and practicing the Medicine Teachings.

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