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Who is our teacher and what is Algonquin Shamanism ?

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Traditional Algonquin Shamanic Healing Services between Montreal and Trois-Rivières

What is Energy Medicine or "Shamanism"?

Shamanism is the traditional Medicine of native people. IT HEALS EMOTIONAL WOUNDS, BLOCKAGES IN OUR ENERGY FIELD AND OUR SPIRITUAL BODY AS WELL AS THE PHYSICAL AILMENTS WHICH RESULT FROM THESE WOUNDS OR BLOCKAGES. In one form or another it is present in almost all cultures throughout the world and dates back over 30 000 years ago, long before recorded history. Transmitted down the generations through oral tradition, it is, first and foremost, a way of life based on a close relationship with nature and with the Natural Law by which all life has the right and ability to heal and be healed. This age-old tradition is at the root of many great religions such as Hinduism, as well as of many energy healing methods such as Reiki and even Chinese medecine. In Quebec and in Canada, Shamans have always been the Medecine People of the First Nations who have known for a long time what modern science is only beginning to prove.The String Theory and United Field Theory of quantum physics now recognize that all things are inter-related through a Universal Energy Field which, like a large net of Consciousness, is inscribed in every atom of everything that exists in our universe. Like a common DNA for all of Creation.

Shamans work directly with the Universal Energy Field present in all of us. They help their patients to reconnect with this source which transcends time and space and allows them to heal themselves on all levels.

The Ceremonies directly address the subconscious since the mental/logical part of our brain (or "Acquired Mind") understands very little of what is happening. Most of the time we are separated or disconnected from the parts of us which need to heal. This alternative medicine is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, and will remove the obstacles that must be overcome in order to continue moving forward.

What services do we offer?

We offer Traditional Algonquin Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, such as: Chakra cleansing and rebalancing through stone work, Cedar, Tobacco, Sucking and Crystalized Energy Extractions, Entity Extractions, Soul Gathering (also known as Soul Retrieval) Journeys, Inner-body and Power Totem Animal Journeys, Power Retrieval Journeys as well as Physical Healing Journeys. Please consult our Healing Services section for more details.

What does a Medecine Person (or Shaman) do?

The Medicine Man's mission is to heal himself and to facilitate healing for others by creating a safe and trusting environment where people can be guided through their own healing process and rediscover their own personal power. He is not the healer but a space through which an individual's own healing can take place.

Human beings, as all life-forms, are multi-level beings with energetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies all closely interrelated. In essence, we are all pure energy as part of the Universal Energy Field.

The Shaman works at the energetic and spiritual levels to track and facilitate the healing of issues directly in the energy field and spiritual body and to help their clients erase the source of imprints (or "knots") caused by various traumas in their lives. Once the root of the real issue is eliminated, it can no longer manifest as symptoms in the emotional and physical body. Thus the energy flows freely and enables an expansion of consciousness and a complete healing can take place.

The Shaman also works with the emotional body to help clear stored-up, repressed emotions that cause disease or that can make people adopt patterns of action created as defense mechanisms which keep feeding these wounded emotions. He also attacks the defense mechanism of the mental body (or "Acquired Mind") to destabilize and uproot the false certainties behind which it is hiding. This creates space for new possibilities in a person's outlook on life.

The form of Shamanism we practice is of Algonquin tradition. This knowledge has always been secret but the time has come to share this Traditional Shamanic Healing Way as well as the Way of the Circle with people of all nations and all backgrounds.

Who are we?

We are Manon Richard and Philippe Côté, a couple of Quebecers who have been received and initiated into the Algonquin Shamanic Tradition of the Medcine Man Pete Bernard. We have the authorization to practice Traditional Shamanic Healing Ceremonies of the Algonquin People of Pikwàkanagàn. We are located between Montreal and Trois-Rivières in Saint-Édouard-de-Maskinongé. Quebec, and we receive clients at our home for Shamanic Ceremonies. We can also, on occasion, go visit clients and open Sacred Space to offer Ceremonies.

Philippe is also a sculptor and you can see examples of his walking sticks, some of which are for sale, in the Art section. For any information on the services we offer, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions. Meegwetch.

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